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Is the water treatment necessary?

Yes, it is. The water is supplied to the intensifier which is critical to waterjet cutting. It is because the intensifier directly influence the service life of the equipment components, such as check valves, seals and orifices. Before installing the waterjet system, we recommend you should have a water quality analysis report supported by a […]

How much water does waterjet use?

It costs approximate one gallon water per minute during process depending on the cutting head orifice size. In addition, 3 to 5 gallons per minute are used to cool the waterjet pump, and the water could be recycled. article from: waterjet

How much is the max thickness if I want to cut steel?

There are two limits about max thickness. One is practical limit, the other one is physical limit. The practical limit means for most materials, the condition is about 100mm thick. If the metal thicker than that thickness, the tolerances will be dropped and the machining time will be increased. For some projects, like cutting titanium, […]

The tallest building in the world is built with APW Dual Core waterjet

After years’ preparation, Yuan Da Group launched the open ceremony of its “tallest building in the world-Sky City”. Looking back the “Crazy building history” of Yuan Da, there are more than 30 Yuan Da buildings in China, and also one set in Mexico. The 6 floors Pavilion of Shanghai Expo was built in one day; […]

What is the difference between water-only water jet and abrasive water jet?

Commonly, “Water jet”can be used as both “water-only” water jet and “abrasive” water jet cutting. Water-only water jets cut with ultra-high pressure water alone. Abrasive water jets cut with an abrasive material (usually garnet) which added to the water stream. Water-only water jets are used to cut through softer materials such as rubber and foam. Abrasive […]