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APW keeps developing waterjet new product. The waterjet new product is the embodiment of company’s comprehensive strength. APW will let you know the latest news at waterjet products.

Application Range of Ultra High Pressure Waterjet

High pressure water jet cutting machine is widely used in cutting composite materials, rubber, granite, marble, leather, nylon, glass, cloth, tile, food, wood, metal, low melting point, inflammable and explosive materials, such as paper, ammunition, etc. Waterjet cutting advantage: Water cutter belongs to cold cutting equipment, environmental protection and no thermal impact, smooth cutting edge, can […]


Main Features Highly reliable industrial personal computer User friendly interface with real time process check and control Network ready for operator and designer to share files 17 inch LCD for better look and feel Portable controller station for operator to operate at any desired position DXF files and NC code support AUTOCAD DXF export With […]

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Waterjet Products

Ultra-high pressure waterjet is an industrial tool that using a stream of high pressure water for cutting purpose. It can be used to cut virtually any material such as metal, stone, glass and composite, etc. It has the advantages of a narrow cutting kerf width, high cutting precision, smooth cutting edges, no chemical and thermal […]

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