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Waterjet Technology

Imagine if we use ordinary tap water and pressurize it to 60,000 psi and force it through a very small hole. Sometime we need to mix water with garnet abrasive. We will get a very thin stream of water with a high speed. This thin stream water will rapidly erode and cut most materials. That […]

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waterjet manufacturer APW

Shenyang All-Powerful Science & Technology Stock Co., LTD(APW), the largest waterjet industry in China, mainly engages in the research and development of ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting appliance, the production and sales of 3-5 axis waterjets. APW also provides high quality waterjet training and service. Custom waterjets at APW will help you rather than let you […]

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Waterjet pump

Waterjet pump is the power source of waterjet cutting machine. The quality of pump determines the operation of the whole machine. In order to increase product reliability, APW constantly cooperates with the international famous enterprises to keep researching and developing to improve the quality of product. Since the foundation of our company, we have been […]

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Waterjet Cutting Machines

Waterjet cutting machine has many different types. According to mechanical structure, waterjet cutting machine can fall into two different categories: bridge style cutting machine and cantilever style cutting machine. According to function, waterjet cutting machine can fall in two categories: hydraulic lifter cutting machine and non-hydraulic lifter cutting machine. According to size, waterjet cutting machine […]

Legendary Sword Dancer of “China Waterjet”

Through the ruby orifice, the soft water stream rushes out under the speed of 700m/s. It is even harder than diamond, cutting 40 meters wide, 30 meters long Titanium plate, and different shapes of air plane wing skins, with only 1.2 mm cutting kerf and 0.1mm cutting accuracy. After 12 years hard working, Mr. Wu […]

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