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How much will be cost if an abrasive waterjet maintenance

Original title: What’s involved in abrasive waterjet maintenance? Knowing a waterjet—from the cutting head to the pump—gives a fabricator an idea of how much it costs to run one   For the end user of an abrasive waterjet, sometimes the maintenance involved with the new machine is underestimated. The downtime due to maintenance can result […]

Benefits of Water Jet Cutting

Take a few minutes to learn about the benefits of water jet cutting and compare it with traditional cutting methods. Actually, the biggest advantages of water jet cutting is its cold cutting quality. Its cutting feature allows materials to be cut which may be burned, melted, or cracked if we use other cutting methods. Some cutting processes may cause surface hardening, warping […]

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Waterjet Cutting Machine Working Principle

Original Title: Waterjet Cutting Process Basics The most versatile process for shape cutting Highest precision cutting on virtually any material Can be combined with plasma or oxy-fuel on the same part Most versatile cutting process Water Jet cutting uses an ultra-high pressure stream of water to carry an abrasive grit. The abrasive does the cutting through […]

Used Waterjet Machines for Sale! What do you know before you buy it

Used Waterjet Machines for Sale! What do you know before you buy it When I find someone searching this topic on google and making it as a hot topic, I feel interested in it. Why people want to buy a used waterjet machine? I don’t know why people want to cost money on a secondhand machine […]

Small Waterjet Machine

Small waterjet machine or mini waterjet machine is not a new product. It also can be separated into cantilever style cutting machine and bridge style cutting machine. The only difference between a small waterjet machine and a regular waterjet machine is their different size. For a regular waterjet machine, the table power is 6.79hp(5kw). But […]

Waterjet Water Treatment

Original Title: Water Treatment About waterjet waterjet treatment includes two parts: waterjet cutting water and waterjet cooling water. In this article, I will introduce these two parts separately. Water Quality and High Pressure Equipment The quality of the water used by any abrasive waterjet plays a very important role in the life of certain critical […]

How to DIY Waterjet

Original Title: Building your own waterjet  In general, this is something you should avoid unless: you think building it yourself would be fun, but you don’t intend to run it as a business, there is no machine available on the market that can do the particular highly specialized job that you want to do, and none […]

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Waterjet Control

As waterjet cutting moved into traditional manufacturing shops, controlling the cutter reliably and accurately was essential. Early waterjet cutting systems adapted traditional systems such as mechanical pantographs and CNC systems based on John Parsons’ 1952 NC milling machine and running G-code. Challenges inherent to waterjet technology revealed the inadequacies of traditional G-Code, as accuracy depends […]

Abrasive Waterjet

While cutting with water is possible for soft materials, the addition of an abrasive turned the waterjet into a modern machining tool for all materials. This began in 1935 when the idea of adding an abrasive to the water stream was developed by Elmo Smith for the liquid abrasive blasting. Smith’s design was further refined by […]

Waterjet Low Pressure Water System

Waterjet Low Pressure Water System Cutting water inlet system provides cutting water flow and pressure to the intensifier. The low pressure inlet water system components include input water filter components and booster pump. Connected to the PLC with the pressure switches and temperature switches, it can monitor the inlet cutting water condition. If it goes beyond […]

High Pressure Water System

Waterjet Working Principle The medium of Intensifier system is hydraulic oil and water. The middle part is the hydraulic oil system. The left and right sides are water system. There is piston in the oil cylinder. The piston is connected by two rods on both sides. The piston cylinder is divided into two pieces. When […]

Waterjet Transportation

There is an uneven weight distribution of weight in ultra-high pressure pump on both ends, especially high power type ultra-high pressure pump. Don’t forklift equipment from any end of the ultra-high pressure pump equipment. Find the position of the forklift according to the center gravity of the pump. After removing ultra-high pressure pump from the […]

Waterjet Installation

In this section, there will be details of waterjet installation requirements and procedures. These operating rules require thorough understanding to all of the components, the operation system, the intensifier and the safety regulations. Before the waterjet installation and test of ultra‐high pressure pump, all intensifier installation, operation and maintenance must refer to this manual. All-Powerful […]

Why Choose Waterjet

The advantages of waterjet are the reason promoting the development of waterjet. Although there are a lot of advantages, they almost can come down to “versatility”. By using a waterjet, we can efficiently and cost-effectively create a wide range of parts by using widely different materials. The reason of waterjet can cut virtually any material is […]

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History of Waterjet

While using high-pressure water for erosion dates back as far as the mid-1800s with hydraulic mining, it was not until the 1930s that narrow jets of water started to appear as an industrial cutting device. In 1933, the Paper Patents Company in Wisconsin developed a paper metering, cutting, and reeling machine that used a diagonally […]

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What is Waterjet?

Waterjet cutting is an innovative and relatively new technology that allows for precise yet inexpensive cutting of a wide range of materials. The principle behind a waterjet is simple but nonetheless surprising. As the name implies, a jet of water is directed out of an orifice at about three times the speed of sound. The intense […]

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How do waterjets work?

Take ordinary tap water and pressurize it to 60,000/55,000 psi (4,000 bar) and force it through a very small hole. Mix the water with garnet abrasive and you have a very thin stream of water traveling very fast that will rapidly erode most materials. Some waterjets are “pure waterjets” and don’t add the garnet abrasive. […]

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