Waterjet Safety

Waterjet Safety

With the development of ultra-high pressure waterjet technology, it is much safer to use waterjet than other equipment. But there will still be safety risks due to the improper use, operation, maintenance or other factors. Therefore, it is very important to learn all the instruction in this manual. Other than the rules in this instruction, the user must also abide by the local safety regulations.

High pressure waterjet cutting system is a very powerful cutting tool. Do not touch the high pressure stream in any cases. Otherwise, it may cause severe injury to your body.

Safety Signs

warning sign

It indicates there will be danger. Ignore this sign would cause serious personal injury, death or damage on machine.

caution sign

In order to prevent personal injury and equipment damage, these important instructions must be followed.

notice sign

Pay attention to the important terms in the instruction. It may cause severe damage on the equipment if these are ignored.

warning flash

Shut down the power supply before open the electric cabinet, in order to prevent the personal injury.

wear glasses

Always wear approved safety goggles whenever cutting.

wear hearing protect

In order to reduce the risk of hearing loss, always wear hearing protection.

wear mask

There will be pollutant and particle in the air during the cutting process. Always wear mask.

The signs above are to arouse the attention of users, and to help them avoid danger.

Although we are trying to point out all the potential dangers, there may still many unpredictable problems due to improper operation or other reasons. It may cause the damage of the machine or personal injury. It is the user’s duty to minimize the dangers.

Normal Safety

Users are expected to know how to safely use the tools and safely operate ultra-high pressure water jet. This instruction explicitly indicates the danger during the operation and maintenance of All-Powerful brand ultra-high pressure pump.

This safety instruction is based on the common situation and cannot be involved in every possible situation. Only when the user gets a comprehensive understanding of the equipment, it is able to provide the best safety.

Powerful water jet can penetrate almost all of the material. So do not touch water stream in any cases.

warning sign

Seek immediate medical attention in the event of a water jet injury. Injuries caused by high-pressure water jet are serious. Do not delay!

Only a qualified operator is allowed to operate the pump.
Always wear safety glasses when operating the machine or near the machine.
Always clean and check the equipment. Solve all the problems immediately.

warning sign

This operation manual is a part of the system. The operator should abide by these operating rules at all time.

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