Uses of Water Jet Machines in Various Industries

Water Jet is a common term that is used by many to describe machinery that uses high-pressure water in cleaning or cutting purposes. A subcategory of waterjet is called abrasivejet, which simply implies that abrasive is introduced into the system, accelerating it further. For applications that do not use abrasive, they take on the terms water-only cutting or pure waterjet. In short, abrasivejet, pure waterjet and water-only cutting waterjet are all types of waterjet, while waterjet is a type of machinery.

Water jet machinery is not a specialty tool available for only a few industries or applications. For all intense and purposes, they are general tools that can be used in any kind of machine shop. Below is just a sampling of some of the most common specialized applications.

custom waterjet

custom waterjet

General Purpose Machine Shops

Waterjet machine tools make it easy to move your idea into a finished, tangible product or part, that you can make use in various applications. This makes them an especially handy tool when handling different types of materials without having to worry about expensive and extensive setups and customization processes.


Creativity has no boundary and artists will always make use of all available resources to create outstanding pieces. Using waterjets, allows the artist to design items that would have previously been hard to do, especially using materials such as stone, glass and marble.


The backbone of today’s society, largely, is the architectural fraternity. Waterjets come in handy and helps to realize these noble and intricate designs on stone and metal with such detail, that it all seems natural.


A majority of major universities offering engineering courses also have waterjets. These tools make the classroom environment more palatable as they are easy to learn, operate and program as well as create unique parts quickly. Other departments within the university can also make use of the tools, thereby reducing the need for them to outsource for such items.


Exotic metals like titanium, hastalloy and inconel as well as some of the common like aluminum, are common in the aeronautical world. All these metals, however, can easily be machined by waterjet systems, producing custom parts that are strong enough to withstand any type of pressure.

Considering the diverse applications of Water Jet technology in virtually all spheres of life, it is almost surprising that using these tools is also lighter on the pocket.


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