Waterjet Machine for Sale

We offer the most comprehensive list of waterjet machine for sale. Low cost, high powered and versatile selection of waterjet machine for sale.

APW is a leading waterjet manufacturer of waterjet cutting machine. APW is an important and the largest manufacturing base of ultra-high pressure waterjet industry in China.
Please contact us without any hesitation if you have any question. We will contact you within one business days of receiving your message to confirm your information and answer your question.

Tel:+86-024-24699053  E-mail:owen@apw.cn

Advantages of WaterJet Cutting over other cutting methods:

  • Practically no mechanical, heat induced or chemical influence on the workpiece
  • No transverse loads are caused. This means that workpieces can be finely processed
  • Practically all types of material can be cut
  • Good quality of cutting surface
  • Bridges and separating parts of less than 1mm can be manufactured without difficulty from stiff materials
  • Even complicated contours can be cut
  • Low loss of material
  • There is no need for holes to be prebored (except in the case of sandwich/stacked/laminated materials)

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