What is unique about waterjet compared to other cutting technologies?

bridge style cutting style

Waterjet allows tremendous flexibility and versatility in manufacturing and provides for more cutting possibilities. Simply put, “waterjet is by far, the most flexible and desirable technology in our business and delivers results with amazing reliability”, says one of the proud waterjet & laser job shop owners.
Here are a few examples that set waterjet technology apart from the rest:
1, Due to water’s cold nature, the material cut does not show heat affected zones.
2, Environmentally friendly, in that debris is removed by water, thereby reducing hazardous gases – a process, which other technologies cannot claim.
3, Cuts fragile materials like glass and stone with ease.
4, Cuts plastics without showing signs of noxious fumes.
5, Saves raw materials due to small cutting kerf width.
6, Cuts composite materials without any special treatment.

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