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Ultra-high pressure waterjet is an industrial tool that using a stream of high pressure water for cutting purpose. It can be used to cut virtually any material such as metal, stone, glass and composite, etc. It has the advantages of a narrow cutting kerf width, high cutting precision, smooth cutting edges, no chemical and thermal deformation. The utilization and productivity is greatly increased. Waterjet cutting machine in the future will be used as a kind of cutting method with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and it will replace the traditional machining technology. Its application will bring significant economic benefits and social benefits.

The waterjet cutting machine has been widely used in many fields worldwide. It has been applied in fields of building decoration, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, food, paper making, electronics, textile and other industries. The application range of waterjet cutting machine is potentially enlarged. With the cost of waterjet cutting machine keeping reduced, the universality of application will be further improved.

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Our company keeps research and development and has developed many different types of waterjet products successfully. Click pictures to view more details.


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