All-Powerful Water Jet Co., LTD. Products Introduction

Ultra-high pressure waterjet is an industrial tool that using a stream of high pressure water for cutting purpose. The cutting theories can be explained as a form of micro erosion that a large volume of water go through a small orifice in the nozzle. The water traveling through a reducing narrow orifice by a constant volume will cause the water particles’ speed to rapidly accelerate. This accelerated water stream leaving the nozzle impacts on the material to be cut. Under the extreme pressure of the accelerated water particles, the a small area of the work impacting place will generate small cracks until the material is cut through.

All-Powerful Water Jet Co., LTD(APW) utilizes this theory, using the advantages of waterjet: no heat generated, no producing any dust or particles that are harmful, small kerf width with high cutting precision, little material wasted, and smooth cutting edges, keeping research and development of ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting machine. Right now, combined with its parent company, the company has 6 series with more than 150 models of products and owns approach 20 kinds of patents. Its products: 4-axis bridge style cutting machine, 4-axis cantilever style cutting machine, 5-axis bridge style cutting machine, 5-axis cantilever style cutting machine, mini waterjet machine, high frame bridge style table, “Dual Core” waterjet, underwater cutting table, full enclosed 5-axis waterjet cutting machine, CNC vertical cutting table and many other products are widely used in slicing virtually any material such as metal, stone, glass, composite, and aviation and aerospace material etc.

Thereinto, the “Dual Core” waterjet which produced by APW firstly, leads waterjet industry go into the “Dual Core” era.
“Dual Core” waterjet — waterjet A16*2 pump — is the new generation of waterjet pumps, which is powered by high-pressure waterjet dual-intensifiers. It has 2 intensifiers in a pump. These 2 intensifiers work at the same time. During the process, the cutting speed will be increased by 30%-50%. Even though, the psi on the each intensifier dose not be changed(60000psi), in most application areas, the final cutting effects are comparable with the intensifier owning 96000psi. On the other side, the A16*2 pump using the same quick-wear parts with regular waterjet parts, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost. The “Dual Core” waterjet brings exceptional performance and inestimable value to large manufacturers.

The other “Dual Core” waterjet is called “Never Ending” A16+B waterjet pump. Compared with regular waterjet pump, a remarkable advantage of A16+B is that it equips one spare intensifier. These two intensifiers are able to work alternately. Although the pressure is same as regular waterjet pump, if the working intensifier broken down, the user can use the other intensifiers quickly without any wasting time on waiting for stopping to repair the pump. It increases the working efficiency and achieves the non-stop operation goal.

By APW, the independently developed 5-axis waterjet perfectly shows out the developing of control and motion technology. Base on the normal axis on the waterjet which has 3 different axis named X (back/forth), Y (left/right) and Z (up/down), APW 5-axis waterjet adds an additional A-axis (angle from perpendicular) and an additional C-axis (rotation around the Z-axis). This kind of cutting head can accomplish the 2D/3D cutting by offering tilt angles ranging from 0°to 45°. By using it, user can process material into arbitrary curved surface. Although, it is still a relatively new technology, from a business standpoint, the profit margins of this type of work is extremely valuable and attractive.

The independently developed full enclosed 5-axis waterjet cutting machine by APW is full of consumer-friendly design. With the full enclosed structure, the full enclosed 5-axis waterjet cutting machine can avoid the water splashed out and effectively and largely reduces the noise during processing, which supports a more comfortable working environment. At the same time, this design makes the waterjet more firm, more anticorrosion and effectively extends the life of waterjet. Making the user can process material in a confined space.

CNC vertical ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting machine is a breakthrough of the traditional water jet cutting method. It creatively introduces the vertical cutting method into waterjet industry. The CNC vertical system greatly improves the rate of finished products and reduces the waste in large-format fragile materials.


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