Do you need home water jet cutting machine?

Recent days, a new kind of home water jet cutting machines coming out, which is designed by WAZER. After reviewed the news about this kind of machine, I have to say “That is awesome!”

Many people want to try a new kind of cutting way to deal with some cutting problems. Using high-powered streams of water laced with abrasive particles, these devices carve objects out of many different materials and because there’s no heat involved, there exists little chance of warping or structurally changing the material in the process. Unfortunately, these devices are often bulky and very expensive.

At this point, WAZER comes out the idea to solve the problem. They offering a water cutter which is small enough to fit in any workshop while still powerful enough for any job. That is the exactly people always want! A HOME WATER JET CUTTING MACHINE!

Even though, this kind of waterjet cutting machine cannot cut large material or too much material at once, it is still good enough for people to cut some small parts to meet their requirement.

The following tables show some basic data about this kind of desktop waterjet.

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