Legendary Sword Dancer of “China Waterjet”

Through the ruby orifice, the soft water stream rushes out under the speed of 700m/s. It is even harder than diamond, cutting 40 meters wide, 30 meters long Titanium plate, and different shapes of air plane wing skins, with only 1.2 mm cutting kerf and 0.1mm cutting accuracy.

After 12 years hard working, Mr. Wu Ziquan, the president of APW, has become a legendary sword dancer of “China Waterjet”. Many Chinese famous aircraft manufactures have all turned to be his clients, such as China First Heavy Industries Group, Shenyang Li Ming Aero-Engine Group and Xi’an Aircraft Engine Manufacturing Corporation. The self-owned patent “5-Axis High Pressure Waterjet Cutting Machine” has been listed in the National “863” Project. APW is also awarded “National High-Tech Corporation” and “Liaoning Corporation Technology Center”. Based on “Waterjet national standard” Drafting Corporation, APW is work hard to become “National Corporation Technology Center”. Now, APW is the first waterjet cutting machine company to be listed in Chinese stock market.

All-in to Develop “China Waterjet”
Wu Ziquan is already in his fifties. He prefers people to call him “Lao Wu”. In fact, in the eyes of others, Wu Ziquan looks very young. His market vision is sharper than waterjet!

In 1995, Wu Ziquan resigned from the position of company director in Shenyang Mirror Corporation. The business he started again is glass and mirror decoration, and it went very well. Surprisingly, Wu Ziquan suddenly invested all his savings to a strange high tech field — High Pressure Waterjet Technology.

High pressure waterjet has the advantages of high cutting efficiency and non heat affected zone. It can cut all kinds of soft and hard material. Compared with traditional cutting methods like flame cutting and plasma cutting, waterjet has obvious advantages. Due to the reason that waterjet started late in China, the international advanced CNC waterjet manufacturers are monopoly on Chinese waterjet business. In addition to economic losses, the Chinese enterprises are subject to the replacement of wearing parts and equipment maintenance, forming a embarrassing situation of “able to buy but not afford to use”. Many companies have to choose other cutting methods than a waterjet.

After deep investigation and study, Wu Ziquan confirmed that there is a broad CNC waterjet market in China. Then, Shenyang All Powerful High Pressure Waterjet Technology Corporation was born in Hunnan.He worked day and night with other experts, and break through the technical barrier one by one. Finally, the waterjet technology turns into production. And a Chinese own brand APW came out.
Today, recalling those tough days at the beginning, Wu Ziquan is full with emotions: “I was truly afraid when invested all my savings into a totally strange technology. But I’m not a businessman, I’m to do business.

Overcome the pains of shareholding reform; enter into Capital Market.

When Wu Ziquan is concerning about how to breakthrough bottlenecks and growing rapidly, Shenyang Free Trade Zone was founded under the approval of state council. In 2006.6.21, Wu Ziquan moved his company to the Free Trade Zone. After then, Shenyang All-Powerful Science and Technology Corporation established with the total investment of 2500USD. It is a Sino-US joint venture company with APW-US Inc.

The outstanding performance of APW Waterjet in technological innovation and market competition won government approval. In 2007, it is awarded “the first batch of innovative small and medium enterprises”, and obtained free support of national special funds. In May of 2009, APW wholly-owned subsidiary of A&V Water Jet Technology Inc. was founded in the United States. It becomes the most direct and rapid channel of APW to introduce the capital, technology and talents.

In order to maintain the fast growing strength, APW has to access to the capital market and establish financing platform in order to expand production scale. “It is the job of an enterprise to make money, but also to fulfill its social responsibilities. In order to complete the shareholding reform, we have gone through pains for three years. We followed the requirements of the Companies Act, from the inside out, to fully standardized enterprise management behavior.” Wu Ziquan said.

Last year, Shenyang All Powerful Science and Technology Stock Co. Ltd was established. The registered capital is 68 million. And it becomes China’s largest enterprise of ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine. This year, as a pilot enterprise in Shenyang, APW is about to be listed on the “New Three Board”, and strive to issue IPO within two years, to become “the First Waterjet Stock” in China.

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