The tallest building in the world is built with APW Dual Core waterjet

After years’ preparation, Yuan Da Group launched the open ceremony of its “tallest building in the world-Sky City”.

Looking back the “Crazy building history” of Yuan Da, there are more than 30 Yuan Da buildings in China, and also one set in Mexico. The 6 floors Pavilion of Shanghai Expo was built in one day; the 15 floors New Ark Hotel was built in one week; and the 30 floors T30 Hotel was built in 15 days. These buildings are widely concerned by the society.

According to the Sky City plan, the skyscraper is claimed to reach 837 meters, about 200 floors. It is about 10 meters taller than the current tallest building —— Khalifa Tower in Dubai. “Sky City” is predicted to accommodate more than 30,000 people; the designed life is about 600 years. And the building is predicted to be capped in April, 2014.

How could Yuan Da build the tallest building so quickly? The construction method is like “playing bricks”. The plan is to finish 95% of the work in the factory before any excavation takes place at the construction site. At first, the workers will make a pre-fabricated structure by steel cutting and welding. This structure is the main part of the building, the floors and the ceilings. Then they will install water pipes, gas pipes, air conditioning and ventilation facilities, fire facilities, lay cables and reserve interfaces. At the same time, the factory also has the marble and tile paving assembly line.

How can Yuan Da cut steel and marble so quickly? Yuan Da uses APW “Dual Core” waterjet. Compared with traditional cutting methods such as flame cutting, plasma cutting and laser cutting, waterjet does not have heat-affected zone and thermal distortion. It can also achieve good cutting edge finish without secondary processing, and cut curves with high precision.

Intensifier is the core of waterjet cutting machine and it is the important part for a waterjet. Compared to traditional waterjet, “Dual Core” waterjet has two intensifiers to increase the cutting stability, durability, and improve the cutting quality and increase the cutting speed.

“Sky City” will bring a revolution in the world architecture; “Dual Core” waterjet will be a Milestone in waterjet industry.

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