Waterjet Technology

Imagine if we use ordinary tap water and pressurize it to 60,000 psi and force it through a very small hole. Sometime we need to mix water with garnet abrasive. We will get a very thin stream of water with a high speed. This thin stream water will rapidly erode and cut most materials. That is the basic concept of waterjet working principle.

No matter whether we mix water with garnet abrasive(abrasivejet) or not(pure-waterjet), that basic working principle of waterjet won’t change. The common difference between two ways is pure-waterjet used to cut softer materials, such as food, rubber, and foam. But abrasivejet is used to cut hard or thick materials, such as stone and metal. No matter which option, there is never any heat generated. Therefore, waterjet cutting machine will become the first choice for accuracy, stability and cleanliness of cutting.

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Nowadays the waterjet technology has a rapid development. 4-axis waterjet has become the main waterjet cutting machine in the market. 5-axis waterjet as a new technology will begin more and more popularization. After owning mature technology, as the leader of waterjet industry, APW has already started to research and development 6-axis waterjet.

During a long time research and development, APW has successfully developed waterjet technology used on the fire fighting truck. That will play a very great role in the rescue activities in the feature.

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