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A water jet cutter, also known as a water jet or waterjet, is an industrial tool capable of cutting a wide variety of materials using a very high-pressure jet of water, or a mixture of water and an abrasive substance. The term abrasivejet refers specifically to the use of a mixture of water and abrasive to cut hard materials such as metal or granite, while the terms pure waterjet and water-only cutting refer to waterjet cutting without the use of added abrasives, often used for softer materials such as wood or rubber.

Waterjet cutting is often used during fabrication of machine parts. It is the preferred method when the materials being cut are sensitive to the high temperatures generated by other methods. Waterjet cutting is used in various industries, including mining and aerospace, for cutting, shaping, and reaming.

How much do I have to spend on a waterjet cutting system?

  APW offers new waterjet cutting machines starting with $40K only. A middle line of product typically goes from $120,000. We can certainly meet your customization needs. Please contact us for a free and no obligation quotation. Tel:+86-024-24699053 | E-mail:owen@apw.cn article from: http://waterjetapw.com waterjet http://waterjetapw.com

Waterjet pump

Waterjet pump is the power source of waterjet cutting machine. The quality of pump determines the operation of the whole machine. In order to increase product reliability, APW constantly cooperates with the international famous enterprises to keep researching and developing to improve the quality of product. Since the foundation of our company, we have been […]

Waterjet Cutting Machines

Waterjet cutting machine has many different types. According to mechanical structure, waterjet cutting machine can fall into two different categories: bridge style cutting machine and cantilever style cutting machine. According to function, waterjet cutting machine can fall in two categories: hydraulic lifter cutting machine and non-hydraulic lifter cutting machine. According to size, waterjet cutting machine […]

So… is Waterjet better for everything?

No. When cutting mild steel thin sheet metal, say 12 gage, the laser will cut faster and cheaper. We can stack to come closer to laser speed, but we cannot yet equal it (yet). So for high production runs where set up time is not a problem, laser will cut your thin mild steel sheets […]

Can a Waterjet cut 50mm of Stone that is square, circle, or tapered?

Absolutely! Waterjet cutting is high speed erosion focused through a tiny jeweled orifice with pressures up to 60,000 PSI. Waterjet allows for highly intricate designs, inlays, and mosaics in stone – no other cutting technology is better suited for intricate stone cutting than waterjet. article from: http://waterjetapw.com waterjet http://waterjetapw.com

What is the hardest material that a pure waterjet can cut?

A pure waterjet uses only water and no abrasives. The rule of thumb is that if you can cut it with scissors, you can cut it with water only. This limits pure waterjet to mainly softer material. The most common materials cut with water are gaskets, paper, rubber, and food. article from: http://waterjetapw.com waterjet http://waterjetapw.com

How fast can a waterjet cut and how does it hold accuracy?

Speed and accuracy depend on material texture, material thickness, and the cut quality desired. In case of rubber and gasket cutting, there are waterjet machines whose motion capabilities would allow traversing at 0.1 to 3000 linear inches per minute. We could offers the approximate cutting speeds for a wide variety of materials. We will also be […]

How to maintain an APW waterjet cutting machine?

When operating at high pressures, there is typically more maintenance required than for most traditional machine tools. However, the maintenance is relatively easy to do. Anyone with a basic mechanical aptitude should be able to properly maintain the waterjet cutting machine. more information about waterjet maintain. article from: http://waterjetapw.com waterjet http://waterjetapw.com

Why would I ever want to upgrade my software? Isn’t what came with the machine “good enough”?

  The waterjet software you get with your machine will knock the socks off of the competition. APW wants to insure that the software you use each day will remain the best available for years to come. Therefore, APW is constantly adding new features and enhancements to the waterjet software to improve the speed, precision, and […]

What other differences does a different size pump make?

The more horsepower that makes it to the nozzle, the faster you can cut. The trade-off with a higher horsepower pump is cost, efficiency, a larger kerf width, and sometimes a slight loss in precision. However, a high horsepower pump can almost always be run at lower pressures to reduce the operating cost and maintenance, […]

What is unique about waterjet compared to other cutting technologies?

Waterjet allows tremendous flexibility and versatility in manufacturing and provides for more cutting possibilities. Simply put, “waterjet is by far, the most flexible and desirable technology in our business and delivers results with amazing reliability”, says one of the proud waterjet & laser job shop owners. Here are a few examples that set waterjet technology apart […]

What is the benefit of waterjet cutting machines?

One of the chief benefits of waterjet cutting machine over thermal cutting processes is that there is no heat affected zone created. A heat affected zone is a concern when the design of an application is concerned with the properties of the metal being cut, as is the case with thermal cutting processes. Furthermore, waterjet […]

How does a waterjet work?

There are two main steps involved in the waterjet cutting process. First the ultra-high pressure pump generally pressurizes normal tap water at pressure levels above 40,000 psi (2760 bar); to produce the energy required for cutting. Second water is then focused through a small precious stone orifice to form an intense cutting stream. The stream […]