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Abrasive Waterjet Cutting is one of most important waterjet cutting ways. People use abrasive waterjet cutting to cut some hard material. At this part, we will introduce Abrasive Waterjet Cutting for you to let know more information about AWJ.

Application Range of Ultra High Pressure Waterjet

High pressure water jet cutting machine is widely used in cutting composite materials, rubber, granite, marble, leather, nylon, glass, cloth, tile, food, wood, metal, low melting point, inflammable and explosive materials, such as paper, ammunition, etc. Waterjet cutting advantage: Water cutter belongs to cold cutting equipment, environmental protection and no thermal impact, smooth cutting edge, can […]

Cutting Accuracy and Cutting Speed Control of Water Cutter

The waterjet is machined by using ultra-high pressure technology. The waterjet can be used to cut soft-based materials by pressurizing ordinary tap water to 250-400 Mpa pressure, and then spraying it out through a gem nozzle with an inner hole diameter of 0.15-0.35 mm. The high-speed jet with a speed of about 800-1000 m/s can […]

Machining Technology of Waterjet

In order to reduce costs better, engineers and manufacturers continue to explore, now waterjet can effectively reduce costs and create greater profits. Therefore, it is necessary to learn more application technology of waterjet in order to use the lowest cutting cost to create greater profits. A kind of In terms of cutting cost, water cutter […]

Pressure matters in abrasive waterjet cutting

How pressure affects cutting speed, kerf width, and abrasive use Abrasive waterjet pump technology continues to evolve toward higher pressures. Within the pump’s design limits, the higher the pressure, the faster the abrasive moves, and the faster you can cut. Over the past three decades, abrasive waterjet machines have evolved from a relatively crude cutting […]

Abrasive Flow Machining: The Secondary Process

Most water jet cutting references apply to a primary process that begins the fabrication of a material, ushering it through its first stage of production rather then the middle or end section. This is partly because the waterjet cutting machinery is able to shape, form and cut materials with smooth edges that resembles the natural […]

Effect of Cutting Parameters on Vertical Force in AWJ Cutting

Effect of Cutting Parameters on Vertical Force in AWJ Cutting A. I. Hassan1* and R. Kovacevic** *Benha University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Benha, Egypt1 **Southern Methodist University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Research Center for Advanced Manufacturing (RCAM), 3101 Dyer St., Dallas, Texas 75275-03372, USA ABSTRACT In abrasive waterjet (AWJ) cutting, the vertical cutting force is […]

Huge Opportunities in Water Jet Machining Microsize Parts

Waterjet nozzle technology has advanced to the point where the machining of parts and part features smaller than 0.012 in. is now possible. Metal fabricators, like all manufacturers, are seeing growing demand for smaller parts and assemblies required for compact, lighter, energy-efficient products. Abrasive water jet machining is evolving to assist in producing these types […]

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