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An abrasivejet cutting head is disclosed for use in an abrasivejet cutting system. The cutting head includes a replaceable generally cylindrical insert member having a fluid passageway aligned with the passageway of the housing.


Manufacturers and business owners are increasingly discovering the advantages hard-core waterjet-cutting systems provide especially compared to other, harsher methods of forming, cutting and shaping hard materials like steel, iron and titanium. Our systems use high-pressure streams of water – sometimes combined with abrasives – to cut through most types of materials. Waterjet cutting can be […]

Waterjet vs. abrasivejet nozzles

There is a difference between a pure waterjet nozzle and an abrasivejet nozzle. With the abrasivejet nozzle, an opening in the side of the nozzle allows for the introduction of the abrasive to the high-pressure water stream. The two are mixed in a mixing tube and then exit the nozzle. With a pure waterjet nozzle, there is […]