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Cutting Vegetables

When people typically think of cutting food, they picture a knife. This is what most use in homes as they are easily available and it is not difficult to do. However in food processing, where numerous items need to be cut over and over and over… knife cutting can get very tiring, very quickly. Not […]

Water Jet Cutting VS Power Washing

When my dad first bought his power washer, I used to offer to help power wash to help with the spring cleaning. I was allowed to help with the driveway and sidewalk… basically anything I could not break or ruin. However, as it turns out, I could mess up these jobs too and was quickly […]

Abrasive Flow Machining: The Secondary Process

Most water jet cutting references apply to a primary process that begins the fabrication of a material, ushering it through its first stage of production rather then the middle or end section. This is partly because the waterjet cutting machinery is able to shape, form and cut materials with smooth edges that resembles the natural […]

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