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The CNC controller is the brain of a CNC system. A controller completes the all important link between a computer system and the mechanical components of a CNC machine. The controller’s primary task is to receive conditioned signals from a computer or indexer and interpret those signals into mechanical motion through motor output. There are several components that make up a controller and each component works in unison to produce the desired motor movement.

Right-size your waterjet cutting machine

Which size and horsepower are right for your shop? Most fabricators choose waterjets with large work envelopes because they process large parts, but there’s a productivity element to consider as well, especially when it comes to material loading/unloading. Myriad other factors play a role, too, including horsepower and the number of cutting heads. When it […]


Main Features Highly reliable industrial personal computer User friendly interface with real time process check and control Network ready for operator and designer to share files 17 inch LCD for better look and feel Portable controller station for operator to operate at any desired position DXF files and NC code support AUTOCAD DXF export With […]

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