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APW WATERJET is China water jet cutting machine manufacturer, offer CNC water jet cutting machine, high pressure water jet cutting equipment, water cleaning machine and welding equipment.

Plasma Cutting vs. Other Cutting Methods

Of course, plasma cutting is only one variety of system which CNC machines may be designed to work with. Another common variety is the waterjet cutter. Waterjets can use either a mixture of pressurized water and abrasive, or purely water. One benefit to a water jet cutter is that there’s no HAZ, or heat-affected zone, which […]

What is a CNC Cutting Machine?

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. It utilizes computer system to automate the complex steps and processes of machinery through a variety of industries and needs. Taking it one step further, a CNC cutting machine, such as a CNC plasma cutting machine, utilizes their intricate software systems and components to efficiently, accurately and smoothly handle […]

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