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Many of the early machines were home-built systems consisting of purchased components such as pumps and nozzles married to other components for control and positioning. But these were prone to a lot of problems that have been addressed in the factory-built systems.

Modifications in Water Jet Cutting

Water covers 75% of the surface of the earth and is constantly affecting and shaping the other 25%. The Colorado River carved the Grand Canyon. The crashing of ocean waves formed coastal cliffs. It’s amazing to me that a liquid has this ability. Of course it’s not just liquid that does this. It is the […]

How to DIY Waterjet

Original Title: Building your own waterjet  In general, this is something you should avoid unless: you think building it yourself would be fun, but you don’t intend to run it as a business, there is no machine available on the market that can do the particular highly specialized job that you want to do, and none […]

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