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These 2 intensifiers work at the same time. During the process, the cutting speed will be increased by 30%-50%. Even though, the psi on the each intensifier dose not be changed(60000psi), in most application areas, the final cutting effects are comparable with the intensifier owning 96000psi.

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Shenyang All-Powerful Science & Technology Stock Co., LTD(APW), the largest waterjet industry in China, mainly engages in the research and development of ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting appliance, the production and sales of 3-5 axis waterjets. APW also provides high quality waterjet training and service. Custom waterjets at APW will help you rather than let you […]

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How much do I have to spend on a waterjet cutting system?

  APW offers new waterjet cutting machines starting with $40K only. A middle line of product typically goes from $120,000. We can certainly meet your customization needs. Please contact us for a free and no obligation quotation. Tel:+86-024-24699053 | E-mail:owen@apw.cn article from: http://waterjetapw.com waterjet http://waterjetapw.com

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Are there special considerations for making glass parts?

Yes. Dual pressure piercing allows for piercing of glass with minimal risk of cracking. APW Machines could work with low-pressure piercing to slowly raise the pump pressure during the pierce to avoid a sudden shock to the material by a rapid change in pressure. Using these techniques reduces the risk of cracking, making glass cutting […]

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