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In the testing process, it may damage the water on/off valve and orifice. But do not be worried. The machine comes with extra accessories so that it can be replaced in order to guarantee the normal running of the machine.

High Pressure Equipment Knowledge

High-pressure abrasive and waterjet cutting systems have unique properties that must be understood to maximize performance and ensure safety. This article discusses the principles of water compressibility and pressurization, metal fatigue, high-pressure plumbing, seals, valves, and making and installing ultrahigh pressure fittings. Abrasive and waterjet cutting equipment operates at pressures up to 60,000 pounds per […]

Waterjet Cutting High Pressure Water Test

High Pressure Water Test Install the on/off valve in the cutting head; keep the valve open during the test. Make sure the pump stop device operates normally before test. The main purpose of high pressure water test is to remove impurities and build up the sealing system in order to make the high pressure sealing […]