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Science Class and What Water Can Do

I was very fortunate growing up to have some really talented science teachers. They were able to relate easily, make science shockingly fun and exciting and were some of the friendliest and encouraging teachers I have ever had. Each class took us on another adventure, resulting in science being one of my favorite subjects. I […]

Waterjet Machine Size

Waterjet machines come in a variety of sizes, from small ones that fit into one corner of a workshop to large ones that completely fill a workshop. Machine size is typically measured as the size of the area where the material to be cut is placed. Note that the cutting area (the area that can be […]

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Small Waterjet Machine

Small waterjet machine or mini waterjet machine is not a new product. It also can be separated into cantilever style cutting machine and bridge style cutting machine. The only difference between a small waterjet machine and a regular waterjet machine is their different size. For a regular waterjet machine, the table power is 6.79hp(5kw). But […]