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Water-only waterjets can substantially improve production for cutting materials like rubber, plastic, foam, insulation, food, cloth, flooring, and more. Maybe it is still a relatively new concept for a lot of companies, but APW WATERJET has been developing systems for custom water-only applications for years.

What size pump would be the best for me?

This depends on the kind of work you want to do. If working in very thick metal, get a waterjet pump that is capable of putting a lot of horsepower to the nozzle. Although a smaller pump can machine thick metal, a larger waterjet pump will be faster, and therefore more practical. If cutting mostly […]

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What is the difference between water-only water jet and abrasive water jet?

Commonly, “Water jet”can be used as both “water-only” water jet and “abrasive” water jet cutting. Water-only water jets cut with ultra-high pressure water alone. Abrasive water jets cut with an abrasive material (usually garnet) which added to the water stream. Water-only water jets are used to cut through softer materials such as rubber and foam. Abrasive […]