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In April 2016, APW convoked new products launching successfully. This new company product is the fire truck loaded with super-hose with a patented nozzle, which can shoot an ultra-powerful jet of water capable of cutting metal or granite.

The invitation of China Glass EXPO 2017 from APW

Dear Sir/Madam, This is the invitation from Shenyang All-Powerful Science & Technology Stock Co. LTD. We will participate in the China Glass EXPO 2017. You and your company representatives are sincerely welcome to visit our booth. Our information about this event is as follows, Exhibition: China Glass EXPO 2017 Booth No.: E4-191 Date: May 24-28, 2017 Address: No. […]

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Artistry and Water Jet Machining

When people think of water jet cutting, they typically think of the industrial aspects and advantages of the process. One thing many do not always think of is art. Yet, for a few artists, water jet machining has proven to be a great medium for expression and design. The Herald Business Journal recently published an […]

Why Choose Water Jet Cutting

Why customers should choose a water jet cutting service, if all the methods could reach cutting material for manufacturing purposes? Every measure has its positive and negative characteristics as the modern technology, including the water jet cutting process, the positives outweigh its negatives significantly. That is reason why water jet cutting services is becoming more and more popular in the industrial field. […]

What taper can I expect?

With a Waterjet system, you will experience virtually no taper. In the case of conventional waterjet cutting, the taper you get is a function of the cut speed. However, the worst taper you will get will be equal to the maximum kerf width at the top (example: 0.035″) and 0.000″. at the bottom. As you […]

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Legendary Sword Dancer of “China Waterjet”

Through the ruby orifice, the soft water stream rushes out under the speed of 700m/s. It is even harder than diamond, cutting 40 meters wide, 30 meters long Titanium plate, and different shapes of air plane wing skins, with only 1.2 mm cutting kerf and 0.1mm cutting accuracy. After 12 years hard working, Mr. Wu […]

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