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This Waterjet article will help you understand what limits the tolerances you can achieve with your waterjet. Once you understand these limitations, you can work to improve them and improve your tolerances.

How to DIY Waterjet

Original Title: Building your own waterjet  In general, this is something you should avoid unless: you think building it yourself would be fun, but you don’t intend to run it as a business, there is no machine available on the market that can do the particular highly specialized job that you want to do, and none […]

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So… is Waterjet better for everything?

No. When cutting mild steel thin sheet metal, say 12 gage, the laser will cut faster and cheaper. We can stack to come closer to laser speed, but we cannot yet equal it (yet). So for high production runs where set up time is not a problem, laser will cut your thin mild steel sheets […]

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