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In the early 1990s, with Dr John Olsen of OMAX Corporation developing systems to precisely position the waterjet nozzle while accurately specifying the speed at every point along the path, and also utilizing common PCs as a controller.

A Brief History on Water Jet Cutting

While the extent and possibilities of water jet cutting are incredibly advanced now, the general process has been around for ages. It began as hydraulic mining, and this process was first used by the Roman Empire. When it first began, it was redirecting water streams to erode sections of ground for development. This idea can […]

Made Waterjet Cutting Easy

Original title: Waterjet bevel cutting made easy Improvements in waterjet technology have made bevel cutting with these machines more suitable for a greater number of fabricating shops by simplifying programming and operation and reducing the need for trial-and-error setup. Figure 1 Complex Beveled Part The abrasive waterjet (AWJ) industry continues to add features and capabilities […]

Pumping up the waterjet power

Want to maximize your waterjet’s performance? Among the options for doing so are adding horsepower to the pump, by either running at higher pressure, or using a larger or two nozzles. This article discusses the options and provides guidelines to help you decide what’s best for your particular operation Figure 1: A simple pump shows […]

Waterjet Operation

Control Panel The Introduction of Panel Function Power indicator Turn on the power supply, and release all the E-stop buttons. The indicator lights up in red. It indicates that the extra-high pressure pump can be operated. Remote E-stop refers to the device that installed the remote system. Alarm When the alarm light is up (red), […]

Waterjet Cutting Electrical System

Sensor and Solenoid Valve The sensors monitor the working situation. The electronic control solenoid valve provides basic switch control functions to the intensifier. All the cable connecting the sensor and solenoid valve are tied together. 1. Temperature sensor When the oil temperature goes over 55°C, it should be manually shut down. 2. right/left approach switch […]

Waterjet Cutting Machine Working Principle

Original Title: Waterjet Cutting Process Basics The most versatile process for shape cutting Highest precision cutting on virtually any material Can be combined with plasma or oxy-fuel on the same part Most versatile cutting process Water Jet cutting uses an ultra-high pressure stream of water to carry an abrasive grit. The abrasive does the cutting through […]

Waterjet Control

As waterjet cutting moved into traditional manufacturing shops, controlling the cutter reliably and accurately was essential. Early waterjet cutting systems adapted traditional systems such as mechanical pantographs and CNC systems based on John Parsons’ 1952 NC milling machine and running G-code. Challenges inherent to waterjet technology revealed the inadequacies of traditional G-Code, as accuracy depends […]

Waterjet Low Pressure Water System

Waterjet Low Pressure Water System Cutting water inlet system provides cutting water flow and pressure to the intensifier. The low pressure inlet water system components include input water filter components and booster pump. Connected to the PLC with the pressure switches and temperature switches, it can monitor the inlet cutting water condition. If it goes beyond […]

High Pressure Water System

Waterjet Working Principle The medium of Intensifier system is hydraulic oil and water. The middle part is the hydraulic oil system. The left and right sides are water system. There is piston in the oil cylinder. The piston is connected by two rods on both sides. The piston cylinder is divided into two pieces. When […]