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Cutting Vegetables

When people typically think of cutting food, they picture a knife. This is what most use in homes as they are easily available and it is not difficult to do. However in food processing, where numerous items need to be cut over and over and over… knife cutting can get very tiring, very quickly. Not […]

Advantages of Abrasive Water Jet

Advantages of AWJ In the early 1980s, AWJ machining was considered as an impractical application. Today, state-of-the art abrasive jet technology has grown into a full-scale production process with precise, consistent results. There is a similarity between wire EDM and AWJ machining. Both cut complex contours with a kerf. The diameter of the jet is […]

Waterjet Control

As waterjet cutting moved into traditional manufacturing shops, controlling the cutter reliably and accurately was essential. Early waterjet cutting systems adapted traditional systems such as mechanical pantographs and CNC systems based on John Parsons’ 1952 NC milling machine and running G-code. Challenges inherent to waterjet technology revealed the inadequacies of traditional G-Code, as accuracy depends […]