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As a result of study, it is observed that these operational parameters have direct effect on depth of cut. Verification of the model for using it as a practical guideline for selecting the parameters has been found to agree with the experiments.

Right-size your waterjet cutting machine

Which size and horsepower are right for your shop? Most fabricators choose waterjets with large work envelopes because they process large parts, but there’s a productivity element to consider as well, especially when it comes to material loading/unloading. Myriad other factors play a role, too, including horsepower and the number of cutting heads. When it […]

Modeling and analysis of depth of cut in abrasive waterjet cutting of titanium

International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology (IJMET), ISSN 0976 – 6340(Print), ISSN 0976 – 6359(Online) Volume 2, Number 2, July – December (2011), © IAEME MODELING AND ANALYSIS OF DEPTH OF CUT IN ABRASIVE WATERJET CUTTING OF TITANIUM M.Chithirai Pon Selvan1 and Dr.N.Mohanasundara Raju2 1 PhD Scholar, Karpagam University, Coiambatore, India E-mail: selvan.mcp@gmail.com 2 […]