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The waterjets cutting technology as cold-machine technique has been interesting by scholars all the world.The principle of waterjets cutting,cutting performance and characteristic are discussed,and the useful ranges is set forth.

The reality of waterjet abrasive recycling

It’s not a widespread practice, but that could be changing Because shipping spent waterjet abrasive off to the landfill usually is easy, not too much thought is given to attempting to recycle it. However, in today’s manufacturing world, all aspects of the operation are scrutinized for possible cost savings. That includes looking at abrasive recycling. […]

Plasma Cutting vs. Other Cutting Methods

Of course, plasma cutting is only one variety of system which CNC machines may be designed to work with. Another common variety is the waterjet cutter. Waterjets can use either a mixture of pressurized water and abrasive, or purely water. One benefit to a water jet cutter is that there’s no HAZ, or heat-affected zone, which […]