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The control system includes two kinds of control cards, ISA control card and PCI control card. The ISA control card only supports the Industrial Control Computer. PCI control card can support both Industrial Control Computer and usual PC.

What about programing APW Waterjet machine?

APW Waterjets are relatively easy to program as compare to any other waterjet cutting system. Our professional PC based waterjet software is capable of reading any 2D DXF files. Programming for abrasive waterjet is quick and easy. An operator with little experience should be able to learn how to program and operate the machine within one week. […]

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Why would I ever want to upgrade my software? Isn’t what came with the machine “good enough”?

  The waterjet software you get with your machine will knock the socks off of the competition. APW wants to insure that the software you use each day will remain the best available for years to come. Therefore, APW is constantly adding new features and enhancements to the waterjet software to improve the speed, precision, and […]

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