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Our company’s waterjet using our own waterjet software to control 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis waterjet. PC requirement: Support Windows 2000, Windows XP, Win 7; CPU: above 1.5GHz; Memory capacity: above 256M; Hard disk: above 80G.

Water Jet Safety System

Safety of Electrical System Lock out power before maintenance. Before starting maintenance, please shut down the main power circuit breaker. Non-professional personnel shall not operate if there is any warning tag. When replacing wires, use original wire sizes, types, and the same color. Turn on the electrical switch after maintenance. Close the cover before restart […]

Waterjet Cutting Electrical System

Sensor and Solenoid Valve The sensors monitor the working situation. The electronic control solenoid valve provides basic switch control functions to the intensifier. All the cable connecting the sensor and solenoid valve are tied together. 1. Temperature sensor When the oil temperature goes over 55°C, it should be manually shut down. 2. right/left approach switch […]

Waterjet Low Pressure Water System

Waterjet Low Pressure Water System Cutting water inlet system provides cutting water flow and pressure to the intensifier. The low pressure inlet water system components include input water filter components and booster pump. Connected to the PLC with the pressure switches and temperature switches, it can monitor the inlet cutting water condition. If it goes beyond […]

High Pressure Water System

Waterjet Working Principle The medium of Intensifier system is hydraulic oil and water. The middle part is the hydraulic oil system. The left and right sides are water system. There is piston in the oil cylinder. The piston is connected by two rods on both sides. The piston cylinder is divided into two pieces. When […]

How much do I have to spend on a waterjet cutting system?

  APW offers new waterjet cutting machines starting with $40K only. A middle line of product typically goes from $120,000. We can certainly meet your customization needs. Please contact us for a free and no obligation quotation. Tel:+86-024-24699053 | E-mail:owen@apw.cn article from: http://waterjetapw.com waterjet http://waterjetapw.com

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