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Nowadays the waterjet technology has a rapid development. 4-axis waterjet has become the main waterjet cutting machine in the market. 5-axis waterjet as a new technology will begin more and more popularization. After owning mature technology, as the leader of waterjet industry, APW has already started to research and development 6-axis waterjet.

Huge Opportunities in Water Jet Machining Microsize Parts

Waterjet nozzle technology has advanced to the point where the machining of parts and part features smaller than 0.012 in. is now possible. Metal fabricators, like all manufacturers, are seeing growing demand for smaller parts and assemblies required for compact, lighter, energy-efficient products. Abrasive water jet machining is evolving to assist in producing these types of […]

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Manufacturers Keep the Waterjet-Cutting Technology Developments Flowing

Analysis from Technavio, a UK-based technology-research company, forecasts the global waterjet machine market to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.3 percent from 2013 to 2018. The flexibility afforded by the waterjet-cutting process fits right in with the goals of metal fabricators, to achieve lean manufacturing and use innovative technologies to develop unique […]

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Pumping up the waterjet power

Want to maximize your waterjet’s performance? Among the options for doing so are adding horsepower to the pump, by either running at higher pressure, or using a larger or two nozzles. This article discusses the options and provides guidelines to help you decide what’s best for your particular operation Figure 1: A simple pump shows […]

Waterjet Technology

Imagine if we use ordinary tap water and pressurize it to 60,000 psi and force it through a very small hole. Sometime we need to mix water with garnet abrasive. We will get a very thin stream of water with a high speed. This thin stream water will rapidly erode and cut most materials. That […]

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At what pressure do you cut?

Waterjets cuts at 90,000psi. It is also the maximum intensifier pump pressure. Although higher pressures can result in higher maintenance cost on intensifier pumps especially on the seals, the result is higher cutting speed and efficiency. article from: http://waterjetapw.com waterjet http://waterjetapw.com

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Should I cut underwater?

Underwater waterjet cutting reduces the noise to under 75dB and eliminates material frosting within 1/16″ from the jet. The downside of this process is you need water level control on your catcher in order to see the underwater cutting process. Without the control, you need to work underwater and handle the waterjet cutting process. article from: […]

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Can a Waterjet cut 50mm of Stone that is square, circle, or tapered?

Absolutely! Waterjet cutting is high speed erosion focused through a tiny jeweled orifice with pressures up to 60,000 PSI. Waterjet allows for highly intricate designs, inlays, and mosaics in stone – no other cutting technology is better suited for intricate stone cutting than waterjet. article from: http://waterjetapw.com waterjet http://waterjetapw.com

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How much is the max thickness if I want to cut steel?

There are two limits about max thickness. One is practical limit, the other one is physical limit. The practical limit means for most materials, the condition is about 100mm thick. If the metal thicker than that thickness, the tolerances will be dropped and the machining time will be increased. For some projects, like cutting titanium, […]