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Waterjet technology as a new technology in nowadays is attracting extensive attention. But there is less systemic training and related knowledge showed on the website for people to learn by themselves. At APW, we support related waterjet knowledge for people to learn online and keep updating related knowledge we may meet.

Cutting Accuracy and Cutting Speed Control of Water Cutter

The waterjet is machined by using ultra-high pressure technology. The waterjet can be used to cut soft-based materials by pressurizing ordinary tap water to 250-400 Mpa pressure, and then spraying it out through a gem nozzle with an inner hole diameter of 0.15-0.35 mm. The high-speed jet with a speed of about 800-1000 m/s can […]

Science Class and What Water Can Do

I was very fortunate growing up to have some really talented science teachers. They were able to relate easily, make science shockingly fun and exciting and were some of the friendliest and encouraging teachers I have ever had. Each class took us on another adventure, resulting in science being one of my favorite subjects. I […]

Protect Your Waterjet Accessories

Original title: A primer on waterjet accessories New waterjet users should be aware of recent technological advancements   For fabricators and metalworkers considering their first purchase of a waterjet, return on investment will be heavily influenced by features, options, and accessories that provide a match to their unique needs.Investigating and evaluating the latest alternatives will […]

Safety in jet cutting

  Abrasive waterjets are powerful cutting tools. As is the case with all industrial machinery, waterjet machines have certain inherent hazards that go beyond the obvious cuts. Knowledge of these hazards and proper protective measures are necessary for safe operation. This article presents an overview of the hazards and ways to ensure safety. Figure 1 […]

Water Jet Cutting Maximum Thickness

Maybe the first thing about waterjet you want to know is “How thick can they cut?” This question is every one will ask before deciding to buy a water jet. But, the question may lead to misleading answers. Or, on the other way, it means the question is not clearly. For example, the Grand Canyon was essentially cut with an […]

How to Max Waterjet Cutting Profit

Original Title: Maximizing Waterjet Cutting Profit Achieving maximum profitability from your waterjet system requires knowing which operating methods are best-suited to your application. This article explores the costs associated with waterjet cutting and shows a method for maximizing the profit derived from the machine for various production scenarios. Specific examples are provided. Figure A: An 8.75-in.-long electrical panel made […]

High Pressure Equipment Knowledge

High-pressure abrasive and waterjet cutting systems have unique properties that must be understood to maximize performance and ensure safety. This article discusses the principles of water compressibility and pressurization, metal fatigue, high-pressure plumbing, seals, valves, and making and installing ultrahigh pressure fittings. Abrasive and waterjet cutting equipment operates at pressures up to 60,000 pounds per […]

Waterjet Operation

Control Panel The Introduction of Panel Function Power indicator Turn on the power supply, and release all the E-stop buttons. The indicator lights up in red. It indicates that the extra-high pressure pump can be operated. Remote E-stop refers to the device that installed the remote system. Alarm When the alarm light is up (red), […]

Waterjet Maintenance and Repairing

1. It is needed to prepare and bend the high pressure tube before installation. Bending radius should not be too small. 2. When install a high-pressure nut, it is required to clean the threads first. There can’t be sand and other dirt on it. Then put some blue goop on it. 3. When tighten the […]

Water Jet Safety System

Safety of Electrical System Lock out power before maintenance. Before starting maintenance, please shut down the main power circuit breaker. Non-professional personnel shall not operate if there is any warning tag. When replacing wires, use original wire sizes, types, and the same color. Turn on the electrical switch after maintenance. Close the cover before restart […]

Water Jet Personnel Safety

Water Jet Personnel Safety All water jet cutting equipment operation, maintenance personnel or the equipment shall comply with the following safety precautions. Operation and maintenance personnel must be well trained. And the personnel should obtain the qualified certificate. Operators should always implement the safety requirements, avoiding the possibility of personal injury and unnecessary equipment downtime. […]

Waterjet Cutting High Pressure Water Test

High Pressure Water Test Install the on/off valve in the cutting head; keep the valve open during the test. Make sure the pump stop device operates normally before test. The main purpose of high pressure water test is to remove impurities and build up the sealing system in order to make the high pressure sealing […]

Waterjet Cutting Electrical System

Sensor and Solenoid Valve The sensors monitor the working situation. The electronic control solenoid valve provides basic switch control functions to the intensifier. All the cable connecting the sensor and solenoid valve are tied together. 1. Temperature sensor When the oil temperature goes over 55°C, it should be manually shut down. 2. right/left approach switch […]

Waterjet Water Treatment

Original Title: Water Treatment About waterjet waterjet treatment includes two parts: waterjet cutting water and waterjet cooling water. In this article, I will introduce these two parts separately. Water Quality and High Pressure Equipment The quality of the water used by any abrasive waterjet plays a very important role in the life of certain critical […]

Waterjet Control

As waterjet cutting moved into traditional manufacturing shops, controlling the cutter reliably and accurately was essential. Early waterjet cutting systems adapted traditional systems such as mechanical pantographs and CNC systems based on John Parsons’ 1952 NC milling machine and running G-code. Challenges inherent to waterjet technology revealed the inadequacies of traditional G-Code, as accuracy depends […]

Waterjet Low Pressure Water System

Waterjet Low Pressure Water System Cutting water inlet system provides cutting water flow and pressure to the intensifier. The low pressure inlet water system components include input water filter components and booster pump. Connected to the PLC with the pressure switches and temperature switches, it can monitor the inlet cutting water condition. If it goes beyond […]

Waterjet Transportation

There is an uneven weight distribution of weight in ultra-high pressure pump on both ends, especially high power type ultra-high pressure pump. Don’t forklift equipment from any end of the ultra-high pressure pump equipment. Find the position of the forklift according to the center gravity of the pump. After removing ultra-high pressure pump from the […]

Waterjet Installation

In this section, there will be details of waterjet installation requirements and procedures. These operating rules require thorough understanding to all of the components, the operation system, the intensifier and the safety regulations. Before the waterjet installation and test of ultra‐high pressure pump, all intensifier installation, operation and maintenance must refer to this manual. All-Powerful […]

Waterjet Safety

Waterjet Safety With the development of ultra-high pressure waterjet technology, it is much safer to use waterjet than other equipment. But there will still be safety risks due to the improper use, operation, maintenance or other factors. Therefore, it is very important to learn all the instruction in this manual. Other than the rules in […]

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