Artistry and Water Jet Machining

When people think of water jet cutting, they typically think of the industrial aspects and advantages of the process. One thing many do not always think of is art. Yet, for a few artists, water jet machining has proven to be a great medium for expression and design. The Herald Business Journal recently published an article on this very topic. A new Cabela’s is opening in Tulalip and they have decided to let local artists and tribe member’s help with the decorating of the store. One of these artists chooses to use water jet cutting in the creation of his pieces.

Water jet cutting is a method used to remove pieces of material in an effort to change the shape of the original material. This can be done with various items from metals to wood to ceramics to glass. Water jet pressure can range from 30,000 PSI to 90,000 PSI, and there are even models that can produce up to 120,000 PSI. The pressure needed will depend on the thickness and strength of the material being worked on. For particularly difficult materials, the water can even be infused with abrasive materials like sand or diamond allowing it to work the materials even easier.

Water jet cutting is also an incredibly efficient process, able to recycle the water and abrasives used, it can save money for the artists and industrialists. Further, the process is cold-working and because it uses water, it is a safe working process as well. It poses very few hazards to workers, being chemical-free, no fumes, sparks or debris. Being both safe and effective makes it a very positive method for industries and artists alike. And all of these advantages continue to help the industry grow and spread.

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