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A Brief History on Water Jet Cutting

While the extent and possibilities of water jet cutting are incredibly advanced now, the general process has been around for ages. It began as hydraulic mining, and this process was first used by the Roman Empire. When it first began, it was redirecting water streams to erode sections of ground for development. This idea can […]

Cutting Vegetables

When people typically think of cutting food, they picture a knife. This is what most use in homes as they are easily available and it is not difficult to do. However in food processing, where numerous items need to be cut over and over and over… knife cutting can get very tiring, very quickly. Not […]

Not You Typical Power Washer Pressure

With Fourth of July festivities quickly approaching, many have decided to give the outdoors a complete and thorough clean. For my family, this means perfect walkways, porches and the sides of the home. To accomplish this, the power washer is employed. The model we have is able to get incredibly strong, easily getting off any […]

Water Jet Cutting VS Power Washing

When my dad first bought his power washer, I used to offer to help power wash to help with the spring cleaning. I was allowed to help with the driveway and sidewalk… basically anything I could not break or ruin. However, as it turns out, I could mess up these jobs too and was quickly […]

CNC Water Jet Cutting: The Precise Design

Anyone who knows about water jet cutting knows that it is a system esteemed for its soft edges and precision. The soft edges are due to the high speed water corrosion that is taking place when a water jet cutter is in action. The precision is due to the immense control asserted on the system […]

Modifications in Water Jet Cutting

Water covers 75% of the surface of the earth and is constantly affecting and shaping the other 25%. The Colorado River carved the Grand Canyon. The crashing of ocean waves formed coastal cliffs. It’s amazing to me that a liquid has this ability. Of course it’s not just liquid that does this. It is the […]

Water and Metal

When I used to picture metal cutting, I would always picture incredibly heavy, large machining pieces. Basically the only way I could picture cutting metal was by using metal. However, I later learned that there are other ways to achieve metal cutting, and it is a very interesting process. One option that is becoming increasingly […]

Abrasive Flow Machining: The Secondary Process

Most water jet cutting references apply to a primary process that begins the fabrication of a material, ushering it through its first stage of production rather then the middle or end section. This is partly because the waterjet cutting machinery is able to shape, form and cut materials with smooth edges that resembles the natural […]

Waterjet Machining and Peening of Metals | Part 4 Summary and Conclusions

Summary and Conclusions An experimental study was conducted to determine the influence of material properties on the surface integrity and texture in WJ and AWJ machining of metals. Based on experiment, it can be concluded that waterjet peening with high-pressure jet is capable of inducing surface/subsurface work hardening. The resulting compressive residual stresses were comparable […]

Waterjet Machining and Peening of Metals | Part 3 Results and Discussion

Waterjet Peening. Figure 2 shows the typical erosion surface photomicrographs of water-peened specimens with different jet conditions. The erosion region resulting from the jet obviously varied with respect to the standoff distance ~SOD!, with it being narrowest and deepest at the minimum SOD. Removal characteristics within the impact zone were found to be predominantly dependent […]

Waterjet Machining and Peening of Metals | Part 2 Experimental Procedures

Materials. A number of common structural metallic alloys were used in this study, including Al 7075-T6, AISI 4340, AISI 304, Monel 400, molybdenum, and Ti6Al4V. These materials are used extensively within the aerospace industry and provide a large distribution in mechanical properties for study. The pertinent physical and mechanical properties of the metals are listed in […]

Waterjet Machining and Peening of Metals | Part1 Introduction

The development of high-performance materials, such as composites and advanced ceramics, presents a variety of manufacturing challenges. Many of these materials cannot be effectively or economically machined by conventional methods, and therefore require methods of shaping and/or postmold processing with unique sources of material removal. Various methods are currently used in machining and surface treatment […]

Waterjet Machine Size

Waterjet machines come in a variety of sizes, from small ones that fit into one corner of a workshop to large ones that completely fill a workshop. Machine size is typically measured as the size of the area where the material to be cut is placed. Note that the cutting area (the area that can be […]

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Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Surfaces of Ceramics – An Experimental Investigation

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Surfaces of Ceramics – An Experimental Investigation M. Chithirai Pon Selvan1, Dr. N. Mohana Sundara Raju2 1PhD Research Scholar, Karpagam University, Coiambatore, India. 2Principal, Mahendra Institute of Technology, Namakkal, India. *Corresponding author’s email: mcpselvan@yahoo.com Abstract Abrasive waterjet cutting has been proven to be an effective technology for processing variety of engineering materials. […]


A REVIEW ON ABRASIVE WATER JET CUTTING Sreekesh. K1 and Dr. Govindan P2 1M.Tech scholar, Government College of engineering, Kannur 2Assistant Professor, Government College of engineering, Kannur International Journal of Recent advances in Mechanical Engineering (IJMECH) Vol.3, No.3, August 2014 ABSTRACT The development of high performance material such as composites and advanced ceramics has a variety […]

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Water Cutting offers accurate cutting

Water jetting has the benefit from not producing airborne dust. This could allow other nearby activities that occur unhindered. Water jetting can clean surfaces for the maximum standard, offering the best surface preparation for industrial painting, as an example. Water jet machines could be operated by an auto or even a diesel engine. They can […]

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WaterJet cutting technology: Cutting marbles beautifully

Apart from bridge saw, Waterjet cutting is another well known technology across the world to cut and shape marble and other materials into desired shapes and sizes. The technology uses water to cut different materials. What exactly is this technique? As stated above, the technique uses high pressure stream of water though small nozzle to […]

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