Affordable Water Jet Cutter

The benefit of water jet cutter has already been widely recognized by many users. Some user who has home business or small business prefers to choose an affordable water jet cutter. But, what kind of water jet cutter is an affordable water jet cutter? What need I deeply think though before I buy a water jet cutter? In this article, we will talk about many factors to help you choose your affordable water jet cutter.

custom waterjet

custom waterjet

For some user, an affordable water jet cutter means “cheap” water jet cutter. Lol… A used water jet cutter will cheaper than most of new water jet cutters. If you want to buy an used cutter, you can see my early article Used Waterjet Machines for Sale! What do you know before you buy it. It will help you choose an affordable used cutter. If you don’t want to buy a used water jet, that is we will talk about in this article. We are helping you save money! Keep your money in your pocket!

Size: a smaller size will be a little cheaper! Why do not you choose a small waterjet machine?

Small waterjet machine or mini waterjet machine is not a new product. It also can be separated into cantilever style cutting machine and bridge style cutting machine. The only difference between a small waterjet machine and a regular waterjet machine is their different size.
For a regular waterjet machine, the table power is 6.79hp(5kw). But small waterjet machine has a much less table power less than 5.37hp(4kw). At the same time, they are using same power supply, AC 220V 50Hz/60Hz. It means the mini waterjet machine could save more electricity power and money. Don’t think the small waterjet machine cannot load much material. The load capacity of small waterjet machine is same as regular waterjet machine, both of 500kg/m2. More information click here. Small waterjet machine.

Pump: find a pump which can save your money! 

Maybe you will ask “What kind of pump can help me save my money?” two kinds of answers: 1. Find a pump with an intensifier never broken. 2. Find a pump with intensifier easier to repair, because the repair time is also your cost!

Maybe you cannot find out neither of the answer. Now, I support you another choice: find a pump with two intensifiers are able to work alternately. If one of these two intensifiers broken down, the pump can use the other intensifier quickly without any wasting time on waiting for stopping to repair the broken intensifier. This design can make the machine run 24h*7d, which increases the working efficiency and achieves the non-stop operation goal. You may ask where to buy? That is APW A16+B Pump. Click here A16+B Pump. You will find the answer.

The Right Process for Buying an Abrasive Waterjet” this article could let you familiar with abrasive water jet and help you save money on the other way. Of course, the more article you read the more clear of your thought you will have. More good article click here.

The last idea is help you to custom your unique water jet cutterSave money, High-efficiency, offer Good services.

Wowwwww. Is there an manufacturer such stupid? Just thinking about every thing for the customers? well… hummmmm… I am sorry, we are that “stupid” manufacturer. So, contact us without any hesitation. Make your water jet cutter right now!

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