All You Need To Know About Waterjet Cutting Machine

Waterjet Cutting Machine is a highly efficient industrial tool that uses a jet of water flowing under high pressure for cutting operations. This Water Jet is capable of piercing through many kinds of material for cutting and trimming purposes. Usually Water Jet that is injected at high pressure is pure water but occasionally a mixture of an abrasive substance and water is used for this purpose.

The Water Jet intensifier pump produces a stream of abrasive particles that are suspended in a solution of water that is injected under high pressure of 30,000-90,000psi. The stream of water which comes out through a sharp nozzle is pointed towards the material which needs to be cut. The stream of water running at intense speed and pressure pierces through the surface of the material and cuts it into required pieces. Additives or abrasives used in this process are mostly garnet or aluminum oxide.

Factors That Affect The Cutting Speed In A Waterjet Cutting Machine:

  • The quantity of abrasive particles in the mixture that flows under high pressure to cut the material is directly proportional to the cutting speed.
  • The time taken by the Waterjet Cutting Machine to cut depends largely on the thickness of the material that is being cut. The thicker the material that is being cut, more will be the time taken by the Waterjet Cutting Machine.
  • The time taken by Waterjet Cutting Machine also depends on the finishing and precision in cutting that has to be achieved. The more precise the cutting, more time it will take.
  • The pressure at which the solution of water and abrasive flows hugely determines the speed at which the Waterjet Cutting Machine will cut the material.

Advantages Of Using A Waterjet Cutting Machine:

  • Very less amount of material is lost in cutting done by a Waterjet Cutting Machine.
  • The structure of the material that is cut by Waterjet Cutting Machine does not require any kind of further reworking. The finishing achieved by the cutting is superior because no heat is produced in this process and the material is not deformed.
  • Waterjet Cutting Machine is more efficient than most of the other Cutting Machines. The material can be cut in all directions.
  • Waterjet Cutting Machine allows easy and flexible cutting of even robust materials like metals.

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