Applicable Fields for Waterjet Technology

A. Fields of demand for pure waterjet (WJ)
1. Cutting of plastics Engineering plastics moulding industry; parts industry for domestic use; film industry
2. Cutting of paper, pulp Corrugated board industry; waste recovery; paper diaper industry
3. Cutting of fiber, fabrics Fiber industry; sporting goods industry; apparel industry
4. Cutting of rubber, leather Rubber industry; leather industry; synthetic leather processing; shoe industry
5. Cutting of food Food industry; frozen food industry; confectionery manufacture
6. Cutting of timber, plywood Forestry; housing industry; interior decoration industry
7. Others Explosive industry (cutting of solid fuel); icebreaker (cutting floe)
B. Fields of demand for abrasive waterjet (AWJ)
1. Cutting metallic sheet: titanium, Aircraft industry; rolling stock industry; automobile industry; ship building industry; mechanical
aluminium, stainless steel, high tensile engineering industry; steel frame products; bridge manufacturing; ferrous industry; non-ferrous
strength steel, super alloy industry; manufacture of metallic products, etc.
2. Cutting of glass: wire glass, stained Glass industry; housing industry; interior decoration; advertising; medical appliances manufacture
glass, laminated glass, etc.
3. Cutting advanced materials: composite Aircraft industry; rolling stock industry; automobile industry; sporting goods industry; fine ceramic
materials (FRP, FRM, FRC), ceramics, industry; ceramic industry; electronic parts industry; optical fiber industry
other (magnetic materials, etc.)
4. Cutting of building material: board, light Construction industry; housing industry; tile industry
weight concrete, etc.
5. Others Atomic power industry (cutting of spent nuclear fuel pipe); manufacture and processing of graphite
(various kinds of graphite)
C. Fields of demand for abrasive AWJ cutting for outdoor works
1. Cutting of reinforced concrete, cement Building industry; dismantling; atomic industry; housing industry
2. Cutting of rocks–stones Mining; quarrying; coal mining; gardening; ceramic industry
3. Cutting of scraps (tank, tire, FRP) Scrap handling; handling of scrapped vessel made of FRP
4. Others Foundry (Burr removal)

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