Compare Water jet Cutting, Laser Cutting and Plasma Cutting

Laser cutting technology has two main advantages and is preferred. Using this technology, the job will be completed much faster than other methods. This is important for aerospace or automotive sectors where provision of laser cut parts is an integral part of the large projects. It indicates that plane or car reach market much earlier shortening time it requires for recovering development costs. In this method components would be ready for service straight away. The difficult process of cleaning after completion of cutting is not required.Another advantage of laser cutting is precision cuts that it provides. Very narrow cut width gives you exactly what you want. Detailed work could be performed with accuracy because of small cuts as 0.1mm. Thus laser profiling is useful for sculptures and complex furniture.

The comparison between benefits of water jet cutting and laser cutting is debatable. You have to be clear as to which is of better use before you start any job. If you are not sure about it, results may be unsatisfactory. It is thus essential that you fully understand the benefits of both methods of cutting clearly.

While selecting the services to cut steel, you have many options available but these options have differences but an experienced buyer can save substantially by making correct choice.
Laser Cutting: Laser cutting involves moving of light in straight line in the direction of work piece and removal of metal by process of vaporization. The laser cutters are most precise having tolerance up to .0005 inches and could have smallest cutting width. They cut thin material of 16 gauges or even thinner, in fastest time schedule. Mild steel of 1.25 inches thickness can be cut by powerful laser cutters. Supply of laser involves electricity and laser gases.
Water jet Cutting: This involves high pressure water aimed in the direction of work piece that results in precise cutting. Materials can vary from ceramic tiles to metal and almost anything between these. The capabilities of using water jets are limitless. It is undoubtedly the fastest growing high precision process. It is environmentally friendly and offers top order efficiency and high productivity. Water jet cutting technology has no limits and there is nothing that water jets cannot cut. No more tool sharpening required and the cuts you get are highly accurate giving you clean and smooth edges.
Plasma Cutting: This type of cutting includes electric arc and high temperature plasma seeking ground. It seeks ground via work piece. Metal is removed by melting of the material and then blowing that away from work area. This method has fastest speed while cutting thick metal. For functioning Plasma cutting needs certain gases and electricity.

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