High Pressure Water System

Waterjet Working Principle

The medium of Intensifier system is hydraulic oil and water. The middle part is the hydraulic oil system. The left and right sides are water system. There is piston in the oil cylinder. The piston is connected by two rods on both sides. The piston cylinder is divided into two pieces. When it works, the hydraulic oil from driving system pushes the piston to the other side and meanwhile it makes the piston work in the high pressure cylinder, squeezing the water out of the high pressure cylinder. Since the cross sectional area of oil cylinder is 20 times of piston cross sectional area of high pressure tank, the pressure ratio is 1:20. Therefore, in the intensifier working system, it realizes the way of pressurizing water by pressurize hydraulic oil.

After the water is pressurized, it flows into cutting system. The check valve makes the water flow in one direction. The ratio of the oil pressure and the water pressure is 1:20. So the oil pressure decides the water pressure. Therefore, the water pressure is controlled by adjusting the oil relief valve. When the piston moves to the end of the oil tank, the magnet switch sends the signal to solenoid directional valve. The signal makes the hydraulic oil flow to the other side of the oil tank. After the piston works like this for several times, it produces the water with stable pressure. But, if the piston works on the opposite side, there will be a temporary cease. At this time, there will be a big loss of pressure for water. But we can compensate this loss by using accumulator.

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