how to make a water jet cutter

Recently, the topic of “how to make a water jet cutter” comes popular. I believe the people who care about this topic want to make it by themselves. No matter what is your purpose, maybe you want to save money, you want to meet your goals, or you just a machine fans that is OK. You just want to make it by yourself. Sure, No Problem! I will teach you here.

First, you need to think about what is a waterjet !?
“A knife made by water !”
“It is a good day, man ! Every body should be outside, right?”

Water Jet is a jet of water which is directed out of an orifice at about three times the speed of sound. The intense pressure of the narrow stream allows the water to actually cut through almost any material placed in front of it. 

“OMG, three times of speed of sound? Too dangerous! And How can I make the speed as three times of sound? How can I handle it? How can I hold it?”

bridge style cutting style

“Wait, Wait, Wait. Let me answer your questions one by one.”
“First, you need a pump to add pressure to get power, and then you need an energy accumulator to use this power on the water and make it has three times speed of sound. Of course, you cannot handle the water by yourself or you will be cut. So, you need a waterjet head to help you handle the exit of water. When the water cutting material, it is hard to hold and it is dangerous. So you need a machine table to help you handle the material that you want to cut.”  

“Are you talking about machine? How can I control a machine?”

“Of course, you cannot control the machine by you hands. But you can control it by company!”

“Aha, I know it, I need a waterjet head, a cutting table, a pump, and a controller!”

“Yes, right now you know the components of a Water Jet, Learn what the new machine can do. Visit several waterjet manufacturers and trade shows. This will help you understand what you are getting yourself into, and so that you can get some ideas if you still want to continue. You may also find that a manufactured machine will suit your needs very well. Join the waterjets discussion group. The Waterjets discussion group is a community of over 2500 waterjet users from around the world. There, you can ask questions and discuss ideas with other people who have done this. Use this web site as a resource for finding vendors of spare parts and accessories.”

“Got it Got it, wait, where are you from? So professional!”

“LOL… I am from APW WATERJET College!”

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