Used Waterjet Machines for Sale! What do you know before you buy it

Used Waterjet Machines for Sale! What do you know before you buy it

When I find someone searching this topic on google and making it as a hot topic, I feel interested in it. Why people want to buy a used waterjet machine?

I don’t know why people want to cost money on a secondhand machine instead of a totally new one. Maybe they want to cut something by themselves just for fun. Maybe they want to practice themselves skill on the using technique in order to get a better job. Maybe they want to renew the machine and use them in industry. No matter which reason, I think the most core question is the COST and the MONEY.

When you buy a second hand waterjet, you need think about following several questions.

The First thing you need to think is PUMP. Pump is the core of a waterjet machine. And a second hand waterjet machine is always following an old waterjet pump. Choose a good waterjet pump is very important. In the pump, the easily damaged part is intensifier. It can be said, if your pump broken, the first part needs to be checked is intensifier. Repairing an intensifier will cost plenty of time. Therefore, you have two choices: 1. Find a pump with an intensifier never broken. 2. Find a pump with intensifier easier to repair. Maybe you cannot find out neither of the answer. Now, I support you another choice: find a pump with two intensifiers are able to work alternately. If one of these two intensifiers broken down, the pump can use the other intensifier quickly without any wasting time on waiting for stopping to repair the broken intensifier. This design can make the machine run 24h*7d, which increases the working efficiency and achieves the non-stop operation goal. You may ask where to buy? That is APW A16+B Pump. Click here A16+B Pump. You will find the answer.

waterjet pump A16+B

waterjet pump A16+B

The Second thing you need to think about is cutting table. Actually, the cutting table is not a easily damaged part so we do not need to worried about that. The most necessary to think about part is cutting head. As you buy an old machine, the cutting head may be only a 3-axis. That cannot satisfy your requirements. Choice a 5-axis or 4-axis will meet your requirement. More information about cutting head please see here. Waterjet cutting head.

The last part I believe need to think about is control software. The old machine may install an old control software in the controller. An old control software is hard to follow the present cutting requirements and hardly to handle. Therefore, update or reinstall an new control software is very necessary.

Maybe, during using the used waterjet machine, you will find more problems and spend lots of time and money on it. Buy a cheap used waterjet may cost more money than you buy a totally new waterjet machine. No matter which choice you choose, please be thoughtful.



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