Water Jet Cutting VS Power Washing

When my dad first bought his power washer, I used to offer to help power wash to help with the spring cleaning. I was allowed to help with the driveway and sidewalk… basically anything I could not break or ruin. However, as it turns out, I could mess up these jobs too and was quickly fired. Why you might be wondering? Because I thought it was cool to power wash my name and various designs into the driveway. Nothing bad, but obviously was not really helping make them look clean and new so he took back over. Had I known about water jet cutting back then, I probably would have preferred to learn this technique, however I was young and my industrial knowledge was limited.

Water jet cutting providers are able to work in ways I could only dream of back then! These skilled workers are able to use high water pressures to carve and shape materials including metal, plastic, glass, foam, wood, marble and stone. On the tougher materials such as stone and metal, the water may be mixed with abrasive materials such as diamond or garnet to increase the strength and carving abilities.

For me, the best part about the power washer was that I could design the driveway and sidewalk myself, making things up while I go. Then again, for me what I did mattered little because I knew my dad would go back over it and erase it in no time. Most water jet cutting providers today choose instead to use automated and CNC machinery. This is able to eliminate the human error that could occur if the products were shaped by hand. The CNC machines are able to use CAD/CAM software to control and direct the path the water jet is to follow.

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