Water Jet Personnel Safety

Water Jet Personnel Safety

All water jet cutting equipment operation, maintenance personnel or the equipment shall comply with the following safety precautions.
Operation and maintenance personnel must be well trained. And the personnel should obtain the qualified certificate.
Operators should always implement the safety requirements, avoiding the possibility of personal injury and unnecessary equipment downtime.
It is required to clearly defined and abide by the ultra-high pressure jet pump operation instruction.
Make sure that all protective devices, shield, or protective cover, etc should always be placed on the related equipment correctly.
It is required that equipment surrounding areas should be clean, no oil spill and sundries, etc.
It is required to wear safety glasses and gloves when operating the machine.
The user must operate the water jet cutting machine when it is in a good condition.
If there’s any potential danger in ultra-high pressure pump, the operator must immediately stop working and report to the owner.
Before the operation and maintenance, the operator must carefully read the operation instruction. It is required to operate and maintain the machine according to the specified requirements. Please pay attention to safe operation and maintenance.

Safe operation and maintenance

Operation and maintenance of the system shall be conducted by professional personnel.

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If you don’t follow these instructions:”correctly wear wear safety helmet,safety shoes, hearing protection and some personal protection device”,it is likely to cause personal injury or death.

wear glasses

Always wear approved safety goggles whenever cutting.

wear hearing protect

In order to reduce the risk of hearing loss, always wear hearing protection.

wear mask

There will be pollutant and particle in the air during the cutting process. Always wear mask.

Make sure to read and understand this instruction before operating the equipment. Stay a safe distance from the equipment for non-operating workers.

Safe maintenance

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Shut off power before the maintenance
Electrical box and wiring box may cause electrical hazard. Before open the electrical box, must lock out power first.

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During the normal work, the high‐pressure water parts and hydraulic parts will be very hot. Malfunction parts may also be very hot during operation.

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Even the power is off; the system may still have high pressure water and/or hydraulic pressure. When the pump is powered off, it’s better to open the gas valve for a few seconds, in order to discharge all of the pressure in the system.

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The water jet should be shut off before maintenance.

To minimize the risks, the guide must be read by users carefully before operation. There are a lot of important information in this manual.
Use special tools for maintenance, which makes the operation more easily, and can prevent damage of the equipment.
Before operating the machine, put all the tools in the tool box and take away.
The ultra-high pressure pump should be checked after the maintenance. Then start the pump according to the operation manual.

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