Water Jet Safety System

Safety of Electrical System

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Lock out power before maintenance.

Before starting maintenance, please shut down the main power circuit breaker.
Non-professional personnel shall not operate if there is any warning tag.
When replacing wires, use original wire sizes, types, and the same color.
Turn on the electrical switch after maintenance. Close the cover before restart the machine.
Check E-stop function.

Safety of High Pressure Water System

Don’t get close to high pressure water stream. High pressure water can penetrate any part of the body. Without appropriate treatment, it is likely to lead to infection or even death. If you are harmed by the high pressure water jet, please seek medical treatment immediately.
Don’t try to repair leaking point when the high pressure pump is working. The leaking point may spray high pressure water. So make sure the power is shut off and all the high pressure water is discharged before maintenance.
High pressure pipe connection on the intensifier should use right angle mounting components. Otherwise too much bending stress and vibration may deform the part. Unexpected breakdown can cause serious damage to your body.
Use two wrenches to tighten and lose the high pressure fittings: one to hold the nut, the other to tighten or lose. Using only one wrench may over bend the high pressure tube and cause damage.
Use high pressure pipe provided by All-Powerful.

Safety of Hydraulic System

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High pressure water can penetrate any part of the body. Seek immediate medical attention in the event of a water jet injury.

After maintenance, make sure all the high pressure lines are connected correctly.
Keep a distance away from the high pressure water stream. Do not touch the leading point by hand directly. Use a piece of cardboard or other materials if needed. Wear safety gloves and glasses, and some other suitable protection devices.
Don’t try to lose or disconnect any parts unless the power if off, and all the high pressure water is discharged.

Emergency Medical Treatment

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Please seek medical treatment immediately in the event of a water jet injury; otherwise it will lead to serious infections.

Water cut would cause body injury and infection. A person at any time injured by high pressure water jet should seek medical treatment immediately. Even if the surface looks like nothing, but if we do not seek treatment in time it is likely to lead to serious infection or even need for surgery.
Inform doctor that the injury is caused by abrasive water jet cutting machine, whose pressure is 55000 psi (380Mpa, 3800 kg/cm2) and the water speed is 3000 FPS (914 MPS). The water stream may contain abrasive (garnet). According to previous reports, rare infections may be caused by micro aerobic microorganism at low temperature, such as gram-negative pathogens found in the sewers. Therefore, use fine medical cotton to wipe and blood culture measures may be helpful. It is necessary to disposal such damage in accordance with acute surgical emergency and shall be conducted by a qualified surgeon doctor. Speeding the blood circulation may get worse, so, please do not heat the injured area.
Emergency treatment: (1) diagnosis of injured area; (2) antibiotic; (3) keep the injured on an empty stomach (NPO)

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