Waterjet Cutting Electrical System

Sensor and Solenoid Valve

The sensors monitor the working situation. The electronic control solenoid valve provides basic switch control functions to the intensifier. All the cable connecting the sensor and solenoid valve are tied together.
1. Temperature sensor

When the oil temperature goes over 55°C, it should be manually shut down.

2. right/left approach switch

When the high pressure oil was sent to the hydraulic cylinder on one side, it pushes the piston to one side and activates the approach switch on the end. Then the high pressure oil will be sent to the hydraulic cylinder on the other side and push the piston to the other side. It will trigger the switch on the other end.
When the piston touched the signal rod No.1, the switch is activated. Then the signal is sent to the magnet on the magnet base. After the switch is triggered, it will send signal to the controller in order to change the direction of direction valve and makes an opposite movement.

3. Directional Solenoid Valve

Two four-way directional solenoid valves make the hydraulic oil flow into or out of the intensifier in different direction. Guided by a reversing valve of hydraulic oil flow on one end of the hydraulic cylinder, the hydraulic oil flows from cylinder to the oil tank, so that the intensifier can make a stroke movement. This movement is controlled by a pilot valve. Pilot valve is electronically controlled by two electromagnets manipulation.

4. Low water pressure sensor

When inlet cutting water pressure is below 0.3 Mpa, high-pressure pump cannot be started.

5. The hydraulic oil pressure sensor.

When the hydraulic system pressure exceeds the setting hydraulic oil pressure sensor, the high pressure pump automatically stops.

6. High/low pressure solenoid valve (A16)

High and low pressure switch.

Maintenance Procedure

All the electrical components don’t need much maintenance. Proximity switch on the hydraulic cylinder may need to be replaced.
If the state of the approach switch in the PLC input point does not change (not triggered by the piston), it means the switch is failed, and needs to be replaced.


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