Waterjet Cutting Head in Waterjet Cutting Technology

As the brain giving us consciousness, our head is considered the most important body part of human anatomy. That is the reason why we are able to command our bodies in one direction or another. In the same way, the cutting head directs the flow of water correctly as the part of a waterjet cutting machine. It is the key component to this system because without it precision would not be possible and water jet cutters are popular because they are so precise.

5 axis waterjet cutting head

5 axis waterjet cutting head

Many designs of cutting tools are available, although they all follow a basic pattern. One of the main factors decides the changes of cutting head is whether it is running in a pure water jet cutting system or an abrasive jet cutting system. It is because the pure jet cutting machine function is under a higher rate cuts clean and precise as abrasive jet cutting machine at a low level of speed and power.Therefore, cutting head of pure water system is used to cut the soft material, and abrasive cutting head is applied for a water system under a low speed for hard material.

No matter what type of cutting head guide water system, these several details are always same. Composed of pneumatic valve and nozzle tube cutting head are mobile, even in a drainage system. 

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