Waterjet Cutting High Pressure Water Test

High Pressure Water Test

Install the on/off valve in the cutting head; keep the valve open during the test. Make sure the pump stop device operates normally before test.

The main purpose of high pressure water test is to remove impurities and build up the sealing system in order to make the high pressure sealing device works in a good condition.

In the testing process, it may damage the water on/off valve and orifice. But do not be worried. The machine comes with extra accessories so that it can be replaced in order to guarantee the normal running of the machine.

Tear down cutting head and prepare for impurities removal process.

In order to avoid a sudden increase of pressure and a damage of sealing device, it is needed to adjust the hydraulic oil overflow valve in order to reduce the cutting water pressure. Turn the valve counter clockwise in two circles.

Turn on the water booster pump. Wait until water comes out from the cutting head. Then stop the water booster pump.

Start the oil pump; wait for 3 seconds until intensifier finishes shifting. Press high pressure button and let high pressure water flowing out for 5 min. Then press stop button and stop the pump. In this process, the piston in the intensifier will be shifting in high speed. This is normal. Please don’t worry.

Put on the waterjet cutting head and the nozzle. Start the pump and wait for 3 seconds until intensifier finishes shifting. Slowly adjust the hydraulic oil overflow valve clockwise to increase the pressure. Then there will be high pressure water flows out from the cutting head. Keep the pressure for 2 minutes. Check the cutting head and various joint to see there is leakage or not.

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Though the water seems not strong, please don’t make your hand or body contact with the water stream, otherwise it may cause personal injury.

Adjust the hydraulic oil overflow valve clockwise, and then observe the oil pressure gauge.
Increase the oil pressure 1 Mpa, and wait for 2 minutes. Please check the cutting head and various joint whether there is leakage.

Increase the pressure according to the method above. The pressure should be increased 1Mpa each time and wait for 2 minute. Check the cutting head and various joint whether there is leakage.

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In the process of pressure increasing, it may discharge extra fragments from the cutting head. This may damage the high pressure components such as orifice and nozzle. We will need to discharge all the dirt in the system.

Adjust pressure to 15 Mpa. Let the pump runs 1 to 2 hours continuously. At run time, please check all the system conditions, such as whether there is any abnormal sound, whether there is any oil spill and leak point and so on.

If no problem, we can turn it off. Then tighten high pressure components with the wrench once more.

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We strongly recommend that please make sure the ultra high pressure pump has enough test running time. Then the high pressure pipeline should be cleaned up. Otherwise the nozzle would be worn out soon.

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